17 May 2013

The Makings of A Good Week

It's been an action packed week to say the least. This week has been about crazy house cleaning, receiving lots of boxes, dealing with cars, lots of communications with friends and family and happily a good amount of time outdoors. It's also gone unbelievably fast. I'm actually quite sad it Friday already.

I'm happy to have a little sun on my cheeks and to have spent time with my feet in the ocean a couple of times this week. It's the time of year to start taking full advantage of summer and start making the most of it now. I am looking forward to this summer for bike rides, picnics, hikes, walks on the beach, collecting shells, naps on the sand and hopefully a little camping with the family.

I am feeling so grateful for all our blessings this summer and all the nice things we  have to look forward to. It's a time to count of all the things we have to be thankful for from life itself, every moment we get to spend with people we love and treasure and everything beyond that. The blessings we take most for granted it seems. 

The major life lesson I've learned this week is the value of communication within our families. When we really take the time to talk to each other we sure understand each other a lot better and can alleviate hurt feelings, frustrations and the little things that break down our relationships. It's been fun to watch and participate in little bits of communications this week that have benefited my relationships. I like seeing us work through things and being kinder and gentler with each other.

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Yes, as we have been knee deep in wedding stuff ... keeping good communication with each other has helped. :)


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