07 May 2013

A Pin Test #13: Paper Butterflies

I found a great Pin Test I could do while resting in bed this weekend. I needed a mandatory rest weekend based on last week. So I decided to try making these Paper Craft Butterflies from Bastel Blog. I thought they would look really cute hanging in front of the window in The Bug's room. She has white curtains and I thought these would look charming floating in front of them.

It was fun to try to check out the instructions in German. At first no translation option appeared. I wouldn't have made it in German, that's for sure. But once the instructions were in English things moved along pretty quickly.

Here's the link to the original tutorial along with the instructions and photos from their projects. I made mine quite a bit larger than described in the original post  I just tried to keep the sizes in the same proportions as the original measurements and it worked out quite well.

Made very small these would be pretty framed in a collection, like you would see real butterflies framed in a museum. In large sizes they are fun decorations for a nursery or little girl's room,or as decorations for a baby shower or birthday party hanging from the ceiling. They would also be pretty strewn down the center of a table runner with candles for a lovely centerpiece. Darling strung together as a garland too. There are definitely lots of pretty options and these don't cost a cent if you already have thread and old magazines.

My one tip for you would be chose pages with lots of big bold color and not a lot of small text. My favorites are the ones with the most intense color contrasts and darker colors since they will pop up against white curtains and a white wall. But you can experiment and see what you like best.

So that was a great Pin Test for me. Only took about an hour, no cost and success at the end. If you try them, let me know how it goes.

images by kalanicut

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