04 April 2012

Style Me Up With Sanita Green Leather Clogs

image via Amazon

You know I have a weakness for leather, the color green and wood clogs. Meow! I could not be more in love with these shoes. They are so perfect for a little BoHo chic twist with jeans cuffed a bit. I'm seeing them with a pretty white square neck cotton tunic, a cream or chocolate brown sweater, a pretty print scarf with a hint of green in it or a gorgeous chunky necklace for warmer days. Sterling silver bracelets coupled with braided leather wristbands.And how cute would they be with a breezy summer dress?! Put the hair in a top bun and wow.

These clogs are by Sanita and are available at Amazon for more than 50% off. Such a nice deal. Another great addition to a solid wardrobe of items to love and wear for a few seasons. And they also come in orange. Mmm.

Thanks for indulging my clog love once again. You know I have to get it out of my system every few weeks. Clogs have been a part of me since childhood. Living in Denmark only solidified that love  It's just never going to go away. Happy day.

How about you? Do you clog? Are you a soft sole or wood sole fan? Do you have a favorite brand and style?

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