30 March 2012

A Clear Mind Inspires Answers & Solutions

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Happy Friday dear readers. I welcome you here today with open arms and cheer. Thank you for coming by to spend a few minutes. I was inspired to share something with you today. I am working on a new project that desperately needed a name. I was at a point where I could not move further without this name. I have been unusually challenged in coming up with this name. It needed warmth and great professionalism and to be very descriptive at the same time. A BIG challenge!

After mulling it over most of the week, I had made lists, diagrams. analyses and still had nothing. Here's where the inspiration I want to share with you, that would actually be helpful to you, comes in. Yesterday morning I was joyfully working my way through my morning ritual. This always starts my day off on a calm, clear note and truly guides me spiritually, behaviorally and task-wise through my day. I was going through my Power Through Cards. My process with these now is to repeat the mantra aloud until I feel it quietly sink into my heart.

As I was doing this, the idea for the name for my project came into my mind. Clear as a bell! I immediately wrote it down. Interestingly enough the name was nothing like I was thinking about and takes the project into a much bigger, broader sphere. But it's even better and more comprehensive than I was ever thinking about. This is GOOOOOOD. I am excited.

The best part is that this name and the ideas it encompasses make me even more excited about this project and bring in many more elements of things that I love to do and can incorporate into my original idea. I attribute this idea coming to my mind, 100 percent to the time I took for my morning ritual. When our minds are quiet and focused ideas can come to us -- and usually when we are least expecting them!

If you want to clear your mind, focus your day and open up your ability to be creative and solve problems, with all my heart I encourage you to begin or continue to focus on a morning ritual. I've talked a lot about morning rituals here at kalanicut. If you would like to read more about morning rituals, go to the search field on the right side of this blog and type in "morning ritual." It will pull up a variety of readings for you and help you find your own perfect morning ritual. This weekend could be the perfect time to organize one for yourself and then begin with gusto on Monday morning.

How about you? Do you rock a morning ritual? What do you do to bring calm and peace to your day? Have you had any A-ha moments recently?

Have a great weekend. I am sending you my warmest wishes for happiness and peace in your life!

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