21 March 2012

Time For Spring Fashion Updates

image via Buckle

Yesterday while out taking care of wedding things, I decided it was time for a Spring fashion update. I couldn't help looking for a pair of jeans because I just didn't have any that were the right width or length to worked well with flats. I found just the right pair at 40% off. Then I stopped over in the Lingerie Department.

It's that time again, ladies. Time to get new bras. Bras really do have a very short life span. Take a close look in the mirror and you'll know immediately if you are in the same boat. If your "girls" don't look like two perky oranges sitting up high and centered it's time! A bad bra is a massive disservice to your appearance: you'll look older, heavier and flabbier. Here are two good posts from the archives (1 & 2) about properly fitted bras.

Yesterday I tried on at least 12 bras and took more than 20 to the fitting room with me. I found in different brands and even different styles within one brand my size varied widely. But I pushed through and found a bra that should be just right. I wish I had been wearing a knit tee shirt, it's the best way to see what a bra will look like under clothing. Often lingerie manufacturers will offer a buy two get one free deal which can be great if you want to stock up.

I scored on two great pairs of shoes. A few days ago I posted the brown and orange version of the sandals at the top of this post to my Fashion Favorites Pinterest board. On the pin, I commented that I could not imagine a pair of shoes that seemed more me. Apparently the power of attraction came into play on this one because I found this black version without the lace in a shoe clearance section for more than 50% off the original price. Could not pass them up. I also got a cute pair of boho chic suede clogs for $13.

I am so happy to have a refreshed wardrobe and I spent just over $100. I was thinking last night of all the new options I have with these new jeans and fun shoes and started pairing them up with tops and accessories I already own. Suddenly adding these to the things I already had at home created lots of new possibilities. Just as a good refresh should do, it's made everything feel fresh and more interesting to me. I am so happy to welcome a tuned up me to Spring 2012.

How about you? Have you done anything to refresh your world so far this spring? Are there things you are dying to do but haven't had a chance yet? What's the one thing you will or could do that would give you the greatest joy bump this season?

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Kelly said...

I totally relate to your shoe posts. This is the one thing that I get really hung up on -- especially when I'm traveling. Suddenly I feel that I actually have no shoes and start to wonder whether I really do wear the same sad pair of sneakers (or flip-flops) every day. Turns out, I do! These wedges are super cute. I need to do a Spring refresh on my wardrobe too. ;-)

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