13 March 2012

San Francisco Delight - Lotus Bleu Design

I realized last week that I still have my favorite shop to share with you from our visit to San Francisco in January. I have been gaga over Lotus Bleu Design since the day we went in and looking through all the photos to put this post together just awed me all over again. I don't think I need to say too much because the photos speak way louder than the words.

I had the good fortune to visit this Hayes Valley boutique and design studio just as the owner Jeannie Fraise returned to the shop from her most recent international travels. We had a nice chat which I enjoyed. I tried not to keep her too long because she was trying to get up to speed with everything at the shop that day but I imagine she would be completely interesting to chat the day away with about her travels, creativity and much more.

Some of my photos aren't too fantastic, but they still speak loud and clear to the fact that this is one gorgeous, well-curated shop. All the orange, blue, gray and yellow patterns just make my heart sing.

Besides all it's gorgeousness, Lotus Bleu is socially conscious too. You can read about Jeannie's interests and involvement here. Her online portfolio of homes she's designed is an amazing wellspring of color inspiration.

There was so much to love in every direction. I loved all the lighting and I loved the colorful, unusually shaped mirrors along one entire wall. Here's a shot of the storefront on a cloudy January day. Totally enchanting. Seriously how could anyone walk by and not want to immediately enter this wonderland.

Lotus Bleu is part retail shop and part design studio. The pretty little design office is behind the beautiful orange door. I had to peek in a bit, even though I knew that Jeannie was sitting not far away at her desk catching up on phone calls. This view made it certain, once and for all that I desperately need a piece of orange patterned upholstery in my life and I wouldn't mind an orange door either.

This shop was one of the real highlights of my trip to San Francisco. It's like I'd found my colorful heaven. I will revisit any time I am up north and will definitely visit Lotus Bleu online for inspiration and more on a regular basis. I would not miss it if you love color, interior design and find yourself anywhere near the Hayes Valley district of San Francisco.

images by kalanicut


Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

Yep, if I'd walked into that shop I'd have fallen for it too! The colors and patterns - totally my style. (Not that you'd know it from my house. . . . yet.)

I just spent a while pouring over her design portfolio and pinning like a madwoman. LOVE her design style. Thank you for sharing!

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

PS: I hate that I have to type word verification when I comment! (she complained, nicely)

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