02 April 2012

Five Things I Would Tell The Younger Me

image by EBC

Do you ever crack up or become mortified when you think back on the things you believed about life when you were growing up? Do you ever wish you could talk to your younger self, to give some words of encouragement and perhaps warning?

Here are five things I would tell myself if I could have a good heart-to-heart with my younger self.
  • Decide who you will be in your life, rather than how your life will be. One you have total control over, the other you have zero control over. Life generally does not unfold as we imagine in our heads. Don't make any time lines or expectations for your life that require the participation or involvement of other people. That you no control over either.
  • Every time of life is hard. In fact they get harder and harder. The secret is to enjoy every drop of every happy, peaceful, charming second, minute, hour, day or week you have. That is where all life's joy is hiding for those willing to take the time to see it and grab it.
  • You can be happy, calm, kind, stable, friendly, patient, strong, enduring and brave if...you decide to be. It's a choice.
  • Gracious behavior trumps just about every other action or success in life. If you're a jerk, no one will remember anything about you other than you were a jerk. One gracious act on your part and you will be remembered in someone's heart forever.
  • No one will ever truly know what you suffer in your life. Remember that when you are tempted to judge others. Give everyone a break.
And yes, that is me in the photo above. Miss All Legs in the yellow sweater and baseball hat. In all my life I think there have been about 6 years when I had short hair. This was one of them.

Okay what I most want to do today is hear from you. What are some of the hilarious things you believed when you are young that were embarrassingly naive? If you could go back and tell yourself a few things to get your head on a little straighter when you were young what would you say? Or would you not say anything and let things unfold just a they have? I'd love to read a your comments.

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