06 March 2012

Catching Up With A Few Things

image by kalanicut

Hope you are having a great Tuesday. Sending you my very best wishes. This is a shell I picked up on the beach in Virginia. There are a lot of whelks on the beach there, which I have not seen many of in all my travels. Last night I opened up the bags of driftwood and shells I brought home with me from Virginia.

Seeing as how the driftwood was wet or very moist when I picked it up on the beach, it would've been a very good idea for me to take it out of the bag immediately upon my return. Lesson learned. I set it all out on a cookie sheet to put out in the sun today to dry out. I also washed up all the shells and have the most beautiful collection of shells in my dish drying rack next to my sink now.

There are a bunch of little things I wanted to share with you today. So I thought I'd pop them all together in one blog post for a quick read. Here we go:
  • For the past four or five mornings I have woken up within the four minute span of 7:10 to 7:13 every morning. No alarm or anything. Weird, right? Is there something special going on at this time that I should know about? ha.
  • Big news - I have been working on a facebook page for kalanicut for a while and finally published it today. You can follow kalanicut the blog on FB here. Feel free to "like" and comment and all that good stuff.
  • There are good things going on with my eBay sales and there is still some great stuff available. I will also be posting more goodies in the next couple of days: fabric, button collections, toiletries bags, etc. You can see it all right here.
  • I've fully jumped into the Pinterest world now and you can follow me there at, you guessed it, kalanicut! I love finding new people to follow so come over and say hello.
Next on my agenda, I need to check the air in my bike tires and likely get those pumped up since it's been a few weeks since I've ridden my bike. With gas prices at $4.70/gallon at some stations here, I am not driving one inch more than I have to. So lucky to have a grocery store just one block from the house. I'm headed there now for milk for a bowl of cereal.

I think June Gloom has arrive in SoCal and sitting next to an open window for the past two hours I am freezing. It's time to get a very late breakfast going here and get some warmer clothing on. Have a great day. I'll see you back here tomorrow. I have several posts in the works for you and hope to have a DIY driftwood garland post up by the end of the week.

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