19 March 2012

Stylish & Comfortable Shoes For Traveling

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When I was packing for my trip to Virginia last month I had a sudden, long overdue flash come to my mind. I do not own easy to pack shoes other than flat sandals. In colder weather I generally wear boots. Boots are NOT easy to travel and take up a ridiculous amount of suitcase space. When you travel with three pairs of boots, it's a nightmare. That's more half a large suitcase right there.

What I really need are two or three pairs of easy to pack, uncomplicated and comfortable shoes, not sandals, but shoes. Again this past weekend as I quickly packed for a rainy weekend (my 3rd rainy, cold trip in the past 7 weeks) I was frustrated about the shoe situation as I once again packed my boots. Sigh.

So I was left wondering what other options I have. I started doing a little web hunting and came up with a few options that I think fit my personality, my suitcase and my need for practical comfort. I thought I would start with comfortable sneakers. Every trip needs one pair of sneakers.

  • Palladiums -- Fell in love with these in Europe. Always wanted a pair in red.
  • Keens -- Love their color combos!
  • Classic, All-America Vans -- love them in navy & white

    • Danskos - I'm intrigued, clog-sneakers. Saw them in person and was impressed.
    • Sauconys -- A nice neutral sneaker with a bright orange twist.
    • Keds -- I always love a classic remade. I like the toes on these.

    Some fun options. I think there is something here for many different style personalities. All six of these pairs are available at Zappos. I have two more post coming this week about more shoes that are easy to carry in a suitcase and super comfortable for travel. I am determined that the next time I pack a suitcase I will be able to pack very light without giving up a bit of my sense of style, comfort or space. Must....buy...shoes.

    How about you? Do you have any holes in your wardrobe that you are desperate to fix? Share your ideas. If you have ideas regarding a wardrobe area that needs attention for a future post here, let me know.

    all images of individual shoes via Zappos

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