15 March 2012

Flowers Brighten Up Everything

My home is filled with fresh flowers right now and it couldn't be a better time to welcome Spring 2012. Yes, it's still a few days away but you can never start celebrating too early. Last Friday I bought two small bunches of flowers -- total price $8. Then Saturday morning there was a tap, tap, tap at my front door and behind it was The Man with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

I filled up a lot of small vases with the green and white flowers I bought. They are all over the house: kitchen window sill, bedroom dressers, desks, bathroom vanities and bedside tables. Then I put the beautiful bouquet in a large vase on my dining table.

It is so nice to look around the house and see beautiful Spring blooms and it's such a great time to enjoy flowers at a great price since so many make their debut at this time of year. I hope you have a chance to fill your world with flowers this month. For the price of a specialty drink you can fill your home with flowers for a week or more and it's a much longer lasting mood lifter!

all images by kalanicut

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I think I "need" to go get some flowers. It is a warm day in Chicago and feels like summer.


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