14 March 2012

Quick Tip For Spring Travel To Southern California

It's Springtime in the northern hemisphere. Everyone in the "four season" states is dying to throw off those winter coats and get out of the house, get some sun and get warmed up. Southern California is warm all year round, so that would make it the perfect place to go with your swimsuit, a beach towel and some sunscreen for Spring Break, right?

Wrong. You may be surprised to learn that Spring in Southern California beach towns is actually our lamest season of the year. It's all due to this little local weather phenomenon called June Gloom.  During the June Gloom season it will likely be very sunny in the early morning and again just before sunset. But the rest of the day will be cold, gloomy, humid and overcast. This can go on for several days or even weeks at a time. It mainly affects April, May and June, but I have endured several years where June Gloom started as early as March or went right through to the end of July.

We spoiled SoCal folks consider anything below 60 degrees quite frigid and you will often find us in warm boots, sweaters, jackets and scarves on June Gloom days. When we see people nowhere near a beach, walking around town in tank tops and shorts during June Gloom season it's a pretty sure sign they are a tourist and they always look like they are freezing. I sadly imagine them with a suitcase full of skimpy beach clothes sitting in their hotel room, unwearable. In a dry climate, temperatures in the 50s and low 60s are quite lovely but those same temperatures can feel quite chilly in a humid climate near the ocean.

So, yes, come enjoy every minute of your Spring visit to Southern California. Even on a bad weather day, it's a lot better than many places. We will have a day or two of hot weather sprinkled in throughout the Winter and Spring. You just never know when. So if you come in the Spring, be a savvy traveler and come prepared for cool, humid temperatures. Bring a long pants, a scarf, sweaters and a good jacket. And here is a little secret from this barefoot island girl to you -- if you wear plenty of clothing to keep your body core warm you can usually still get away with wearing flip flops any time of year.

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