15 March 2012

Sunshiny Gift For Spring 2012

Wanted to share a quick and fun idea for a friend gift for Spring 2012. Our dear friend just lost her father-in-law and bravely drove through four states by herself with two kids under age four to get to town for the funeral while her husband had gone ahead early. When I shared on Facebook last week that I was downloading happy, cheery music for Spring she asked for a copy for her drive home. How could I refuse a request like that?

So here's what I did:

1) Burned two CDs of happy music.
2) Printed a jewel case cover in simple black and white from iTunes.
3) Got out my bright colored stamps and stamped them up.
4) Cut them down to size and popped them in the cases.

5) Then stacked them up and wrapped them in shiny silver paper.
6) Made a card with card scraps, foam squares and ink stamp & wrote a personal note on the back.

7) Wrapped them in cellophane.
8) Upcycled a small kraft bag with more paper scraps, ink stamp and ribbon.
9) Popped the wrapped CDs into the gift bag.
10) Gave them to our friend along with a loaf of fresh-baked banana bread.

Here's my philosophy on all the wrapping layers. Opening gifts has to be one of the best moments in life. The prettier it is and the longer it takes to unwrap the longer that joy lasts. I don't always do such elaborate wrapping jobs, but on special occasions it's fun to make something you know will brighten someone else's day just by seeing the gift wrap!

all photos by kalanicut



So creative and how lovely to share with your friend in a hard time.


Kim said...

and LOVED it was!!! the music kept me awake for my stretch of the drive in the dark nevada desert.

thank you k for your kindness and love during this time, and more importantly, always!


knack said...

so thoughtful....so beautiful......you are such a great friend!


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