06 March 2012

Guest Posting Today at Seven Cherubs

Just found out a guest post I wrote was published today at the Australian blog Seven Cherubs. Hooray. Naomi the blog founder is a mother of seven and writes about parenting and learning to live happily. It's a great place to go for life inspiration, mom inspiration and if you are looking for someone who understands that life isn't always easy or simple, Naomi is your girl. She writes amazingly compassionate articles sharing her own life experience and inspiring others.

My post is titled 10 Steps To More Happiness. It's one of my favorite topics. In college I was in a religion class that I wasn't doing so hot in. I just didn't click with the teacher, teaching format, etc. Looking back I realize I am just not a traditional schooling kind of learner and when things rubbed me the wrong way or didn't inspire me, it was very hard for me to be successful in those environments. Anyway, we had to write a 10-page research paper on a spot of scripture for this class and I picked one on happiness.

The gist of the scripture was if you aren't happy in this life, you won't be happy in the next. I worked hard on that paper and loved all the inspiration it gave me. When I got the paper back from the teacher I had the highest score in the class. Not only was I thrilled to have topped the class, I felt that I had let this teacher know that there was more to me than he thought. It was a big win for me in every way and my work really solidified my love of the topic for the rest of my life.

My blog post at Seven Cherubs today is filled with tips on how to find and maintain a happy life experience. Sounds easy but some days it just isn't. Hope you find something there that helps you on your road ahead.


brett king said...

Kalani ~ Do you know of Dennis Prager? He has a talk radio show out of Los Angeles. He also loves the topic of happiness. He wrote on book on it called "Happiness Is A Serious Problem".

Stephanie said...

You've sold me...I'm off to check it out!

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