09 February 2010

Power Thought Cards - The Gift That Gives Back Every Day

Have to share one of the best presents I've received in years. A dear friend, kindred spirit, gave me Louise L. Hay's Power Thought Cards last year. Louise Hay is a very peaceful, wise author of many books, meditational CDs and cards.

Since my dear friend has since moved to the East Coast, this is a great daily reminder of the inspiring and uplifting chats we used to have together and a daily gift to my soul. 

Each card, beautifully illustrated, has an inspiring mantra on one side and on the back there are more words of wisdom reminding you of the power of positive thinking and the actions that come from good thoughts. There are reminders to care for and protect oneself, have more understanding and compassion for others and to see the good in the world.

I pick three cards each day to reflect on and guide me for that day. I write them on a sheet of paper so I carry them with me. I find Power Thought Cards to be a great way to keep my mind on a higher plane, focused on what is most important in my life. Such a fantastic gift! You can buy Power Thought Cards and other great motivational treats at louisehay.com and amazon.com.

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