21 March 2012

Having Vision When Wedding Planning

all images via IKEA

I've been sick the past couple of days and thus getting much less accomplished than expected. But I have been sleeping a lot, which apparently I needed. Yesterday, to give myself a break, I went out shopping for a while.

Since I am in my "second city" right now I am taking the opportunity to do things here that are much easier than in L.A. It's so lovely to bounce around without all the traffic. Yesterday afternoon, I set out to do a peaceful mid-week IKEA trip to pick up a few very inexpensive wedding items. When I go during the week and enjoy the peace and quiet I kick myself for every time I've ever walked into an IKEA on a weekend afternoon.

FANTASTISK Paper napkin IKEA Three-ply quality for high absorbency. 

I had a good laugh in the same department as a mother and daughter who were obviously planning the daughter's wedding. The daughter complained about how cheap things looked and how she wanted stuff that looked aged. I wish you could've heard her say the words, "Ewww, it's plastic." It came across loud and clear that they both lacked some vision to see how they could make things work with a little creativity. It is so easy to repaint or age things. This was all while I was buying and pricing things they totally poo-pooed which is what most cracked me up. I got a bag full of great stuff and spent only $38. I win, haa-haa.

I haven't done much with wedding planning in the past couple of weeks, so it felt good to pick up a few things and break that weird spell I was under. I picked up the green floral, striped and solid napkins you can see above to use for secondary weekend events and bought these frames for dinner table numbers.

TOLSBY Frame for 2 pictures IKEA You can display one picture on each side as the frame has no back panel. 

I know these photo frames have been seen around but I'll put my own spin on them somehow and you can't beat the price for 99 cents. I might paint them chartreuse, or leave them white and just do something cool with printed paper and a good font on the inside. I'll figure that out soon.

I did a tour of Macy's, thinking we'll register there. Found the china I like -- I'm still a Vera Wang for Wedgwood girl. I looked at some cutlery that I liked and looked up to see it was Vera Wang and my favorite glassware was, you guessed it, Vera Wang. I have to say I was impressed with the kitchenware at Macy's. The Martha Stewart collection is impressive. She has thought of everything and made it all charming and useful.

I also shopped for shoes and found so many pairs that looked like they could be contenders -- until they struck out for not having my size, being too flat, too loose, too tight... I returned the Target sandals I bought a few weeks ago. They were just a little too flat. But after trying on a lot of pairs today I didn't find anything that really clicked for me. But I'm getting closer.

 I have a few small things I need to order: two ink stamps and woven bamboo paper. I've designed all the stationery pieces and am pretty happy with it all after many hours of font shopping, graphics hunting, color tweaking and layout experimentation. It's funny that I will start questioning myself and in a panic will start looking around online at what I could buy. Then I go back and look at what I've created and it feels very perfect for us and I can't imagine using anything else.

Things are starting to gel. That feels good. I find myself weeding out things that feel more and more unnecessary. Time to start getting a few more things done. More to come. Speaking of more to come, later this morning I'll share another post with you about what else I did yesterday. It was very refreshing. Have a great morning!

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