29 March 2012

My Dry Skin Remedy

image via Alba Botanicals

It's Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere. I think I've mentioned that already a few times, haa-haa. But Spring means that it's time for those pasty white legs to come out to play. In the Southern Hemisphere winter is coming and this tip will be equally helpful for those of you heading into cold and/or dry weather.

When I was in college I used to use petroleum jelly on my legs for moisturizer right out of the shower. Rub it in well and it does not feel gross or sticky as you might imagine and keeps your legs very soft. It's especially great with a skirt because you get shiny, sexy legs. I used petroleum jelly or baby oil on my legs until concerns about petroleum based products began to arise. Then I switched to Alba Un-petroleum Jelly. Which is available all over online and at pretty much any health food store.

My routine when I get out of the shower now is to create a cocktail of part lotion and part jelly in my hands. I alter the amount of jelly depending on how dry my legs are, more if they are dryer. It's easy to come up with a ratio of lotion to jelly that you are comfortable with after a little experimentation. I mix it up then start on the legs and work the potion all over the body. It absorbs nicely and gives skin a little extra punch than just lotion alone. It also helps attract a little bit of sun to the legs so they don't have to suffer being pasty for nearly as long.

Do you have a secret, homemade body cream concoction? Do you have a favorite product that you swear by for your legs? Do tell! Hope your week is going smashingly. Can you believe we're almost at the end of another one already? Amazing. This year is almost one quarter over. That is unbelievable. Sending you my warmest thoughts & best wishes. --k
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