05 March 2012

Ready To "Man Up" Super Girl Style

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It's a new week and I have a new perspective on life. What did it take? Some easy ingredients: communications with good friends, spiritual inspiration from others, some powerful reminders about what is most important in life, and small daily actions that propel one forward. I am totally ready to "Man Up" girl-style. Kicking self-pity, fear and worry about things I can't control to the curb.

Here's what I learned I can control. I can be in touch with good people, who inspire me and love me. Being with these people helps me to loosen up. They are an amazing rest and distraction from the daily concerns and coming challenges - like being unplugged for a while. I can meditate, study and find peace. I found several books last week that would be very good to read right now to guide me. I can get plenty of sleep. I can exercise long and hard. All these things will strengthen me more and more for the challenge of my life.

I can focus on my influence for good in every area of my life rather than feeling buffeted by all the outside waves. My resolve to do good and be good are far more powerful than anyone or anything that can come up against me. I can create my own wave for happiness and good. I can see myself strong, beautiful and fulfilled. I am no slouch. I bring some skills to all this. No good solider goes onto the battlefield unprepared. Now is my time to plan and prepare.

I love the look of this pretty lady soldier. She looks strong and peaceful, at one with herself. That's my goal - a prepared and ready warrior, strong and peaceful on the inside. My shoulders are squared and ready to bear the weight required to live my life in love, peace and excellence. Now let's roll.

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eLLe said...

great insight, kalani! Keep up the sunny outlook!

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