12 March 2012

Workspace Confession - Time To Refresh

Happy Monday. It's here again, another beautiful week of adventure before us! On this Monday, I have a very embarrassing confession to make. With a very busy schedule recently, my desk had become a place to pile things. I had not sat at my desk to work for weeks. It was time to take a stand. At the same time I realized that I am really tired of my workspace shelving arrangement. It all needed a facelift. Here's how I tackled one of those projects that we often want to just ignore:

1) Started by throwing  everything off my desk surface onto the bed. This revealed a nice layer of dust. Not a pretty sight.

2) Went through everything quickly. I separated garbage, old junk to be filed, immediate action items, books and magazines to be shelved, and office supplies to be put away.

3) Re-evaluated my use of the space. I needed a fresh view. Everything was arranged in a way that felt so "last year." I realized that many of the things I put there I was not using. Some things didn't need to be there and I wanted things on my shelves that weren't there. You can see what it used to look like here.

4) Made a plan. What I wanted to remove, add or move around. Sketched out where things would go on a sheet of paper.

5) Started cleaning. All the shelves needed to emptied and wiped down.

6) Then I replaced items that would stay in same spot. I also found new homes for the things I didn't want on those shelves anymore.

7) Shopped my home. The best place to find decorative items you love is your own house. It's so nice to gain a greater appreciation for what you have by seeing it in a new light.

8) Redecorated the space. Filled my shelves with necessary tools, supplies, resources and pretty items to inspire.

9) Added some air to my favorite desk chair - my yoga ball. I am amazed at how stiff I get sitting in chairs that are not ergonomically supportive. Living room furniture is the WORST! I also find that I get a good abs workout dancing around on my yoga ball if I put on some music while I work. Definitely helps loosen up the lower back and hips.

10) Got back to work. I put my laptop back where it belongs and started working with a big smile.

So do you have an everyday space that you've been avoiding? Is it the garage, food storage space, kitchen cupboards, linen closet, clothes closet, laundry room? I'm challenging you today to take an hour or so and just tackle it.

Get some help if you have it close at hand. Anyone who lives in the space should be helping keep it lovely. Men and little kids can be a great help when properly wrangled. Other days the serenity of doing it alone is much more desireable. I'd love to hear what spaces you're tacking at your place and how.

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