23 January 2012

Hunting for Hunter Rain Boots

images via Hunter

Every winter when it starts raining I vow I am going to buy some cute rain gear...and then the rain stops and I never make the purchase. After a rainy week in San Francisco, my resolve has strengthened. I have lived and worked in snowy and rainy environments and I know I am always happiest when well dressed and well-prepared for the weather. It's amazing how easy it is to get through bad weather days when one is protected from the elements.

So last week after having dinner with friends on a rainy night, I noticed in the parking lot that our lovely friend was wearing Hunter wellies and it struck me like a bolt of lightening that they would be a perfect addition to my new, better prepared wardrobe. I have loved Hunter boots for a while, but living a mostly "flip flop" life in a balmy climate I just could not justify them. But I realized I would actually get a decent amount of wear from them when traveling and for the sometimes very rainy periods here at home. That took me to a whole wander through the many, many options available. 

I am very impressed with the sturdiness and long-wear you can get from these boots. When you add up how many cheap, junky pairs of rain boots you could go through during a 10 year period and how very floppy, unsupportive and uncomfortable most lower quality styles are, it just made sense to invest once in something I really love instead.

Now the big dilemma is what color to get?! How do you decide. Unfortunately I noticed in the customer reviews that most people who bought one pair could not resist getting them in another color or style as well. And I will of course need the cute matching socks. That could get expensive. But you never know, I could end up moving somewhere wet and rainy...or just keep visiting lovely friends in San Francisco, Seattle, New York or Scandinavia. It certainly rains a lot in all of those places. That sounds like a good way to go.

Now I need to find a lovely raincoat. Not a trench, because I just can't handle that always floppy belt and the double breasted styles drive me a bit cuckoo. But I know there's a good one out there. If you have any recommendations, please share! Hope you are staying warm and dry wherever you are.

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Jennifer McCormick said...

I actually bought a pair of super cute STRIPED (!) rain boots this fall. I LOVE them, but sometimes I have trouble remembering to actually wear them :)

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