17 January 2012

Shopping The Ferry Building

A few delicious hours at The Ferry Building were a feast for senses. We wandered through the farmers market and admired fruits, vegetables and delicious honey, jellies and jams. The sun was out, the holiday weekend crowds were out too. It was a great spot to watch the locals in their natural habitat.

We had some amazing food, eggs and bacon on crispy toast with a side salad from Rose's Cafe. We ate out in the sun, sitting in the large mid-day crowd, people watching. There was so much great fashion to enjoy, so many cute little kids with their parents, some talented and some strange musical performers and more to take in. The sun was a welcome find after walking through the city in the cold shadows of tall buildings all the way there. 

There was even more to enjoy once we went inside. I learned Blue Bottle Coffee is very important to locals. They will wait in quite long lines for it. I was also happy to find the store The Gardener. I fell head over heals for these gorgeous cutting boards and wood bowls. I did buy myself a little treat at Heath Ceramics, a little green vase and a sweet little tote bag.

Our other happy find was a Ciao Bella gelato shop. I am a big fan of the Ciao Bella key lime ice cream sandwiches which are available at our local grocery store. I had a small scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough. So good. It was a fun adventure and I definitely recommend a trip to The Ferry when in San Francisco. 

all photos by kalanicut

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