18 January 2012

San Francisco City Tints & Textures

Happy Wednesday. Sharing a few sights from my time in San Francisco. All around the city I have enjoyed taking lots and lots of photos of interesting structures, layers of buildings, small architectural details and interesting colors. Here are a few little things around the city that caught my eye for the colors, textures and patterns. Loved the washed out colors on this warehouse and a vivid, bright cheery window box.

Loved the weathered wood on this door. So much character. This warehouse roof was covered with a bright green moss. Aged patinas are so rich and interesting.

These old glass tiles are embedded in the sidewalks along the Embarcadero. I had to wonder how long they had been there. They look like they've been through a few decades but that could just be millions of people trampling them over the past few years. In another part of town, I'm not sure why, but there are gold screws along the sidewalks on Sutter.

There is no shortage of ships coming and going around the city in all shapes, sizes and colors. While they are beautiful during the day, it amazed me to watch giant cargo ships leave the bay at night. It's so strange to see the lights on the deck and how far they stretch from end to end. They look like a moving city. 

We have been putting on the miles on foot. So far since arrival I have not used any public transportation. It's amazing how after a few days of intense hill climbing you hardly notice them anymore. It's so nice to not feel a deep sense of dread when I look at the steep path ahead as I did the first day or two. (Life lesson, anyone?! haa-haa.) The scarf wearing winter weather and hilly city living are growing on me.

all photos by kalanicut

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