08 January 2012

A Return From The Extended Holiday

Meet Lucy, the saber tooth cat and Suzy, the ranch dog (see Pioneer Woman's children's book Charlie The Ranch Dog to learn all about the delightful Suzy). Both these gals were all belted in for a nice flight to visit Grandpa Craig and The Clan.

Next to Suzie, you will see Green Baby (the blanket) who we realized was not with us as we were on our way to the airport to return home at the end of the week. Green Baby will be living on her own for a while until we return to get her in the coming months. Luckily, The Man has multiple versions of Green Baby so we were only without a blanket for a few hours. Massive meltdown averted! Whew.

I am finally back for the new year. I didn't anticipate any real blogging break for the holidays, but as things often go, this holiday season was nothing like I expected or anything I could have planned for. It was the most nontraditional Christmas I have ever had, but with an extra week tacked on here at the end it's been quite delightful and satisfying.

This past week we spent time with The Man's family which was great. And in a most lovely western city where it is so quiet compared to Los Angeles that you can literally hear your heart beating in your ears when you go to bed at night and if a car drives by a half a mile away it catches your attention. The expansive views out the windows are so breathtaking that every morning is a delight and every sunset stops you in your tracks.

The only downside is no internet access at the mountain retreat, so a quick and expensive internet cafe email check every few days is all we managed. But going without internet service is in fact not so horrible if you want to slow down a bit. We actually only had a few minutes turnaround time once we arrived home and were out the door and on the road again in less than 60 minutes for a work-related excursion. That was a long day!

I've missed you, Blogging Clan and look forward to catching up with you here in 2012. I am looking forward to it. I see lots of change in the air for so many around me. Should be interesting to see where this year takes us. Sending you my very best wishes for the year to come.

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