19 January 2012

A Must Have New Year's Resolution

image via Benetton

Part of this trip has been the realization that I need to buckle down and buy a real coat. I have a lot of jackets and those get me by just fine at home nearly all the time. On a February trip to New York a few years ago it was so cold I was getting frostbite the first day and ended up buying of of those gigantic knee length down-filled coats with the big fur collar. It was totally worth it to stay warm for that trip, but it is so big that I have yet to find another occasion cold enough to warrant wearing it since then. 

When I visit my parents twice a year in the winter, or go to New York or New Mexico or anywhere else lacking a tropical climate I am usually bumming a coat off someone or wearing four layers of my own sweaters and jackets. It's a little ridiculous.

Yes, it's only for a few days a year and this is why I have not taken action on this before but I just don't need to feel a) ugly, b) under dressed & sloppy, c) cold or d) stressed about how I'm going to stay warm on upcoming trips any longer. One simple well-fitting coat purchase would solve so much of my winter travel angst. And this is the perfect time of year to act on this because the winter clothing is being pushed out of stores for the arrival of the spring lines which are already appearing in all the shops. Since it's been quite a mild winter so far, retailers may be even more anxious to reduce prices and their stock of winter coats.

So the search for the perfect coat begins. I'm thinking something very classic that will last a few years and that I can style up with scarves, brooches or something fun along the way according to mood and location. Game on. I'm tired of being cold.

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