27 January 2012

GapFit gFlex Pants & Capris - My New Favorite

images via Gap

After wearing out four or five pairs of mostly cotton workout pants in just a few months on the bikes at the gym, I realized I needed to try something different. I'm trying to push myself to spend more money to get the best quality products I can buy, rather than buying lesser quality items that don't last as long or serve their purpose as well.

It was time to invest in some high quality workout wear. I did a bit of research and came across the GapFit gFlex Capris. I like the shape, it's very flattering and the cut is comfortable. They are well made and sturdy. They also have a secret pocket in the back of the waistband that I have learned fits a driver's license or hotel key card perfectly. So I took advantage of the pre-holiday sales and bought two pair while they were 30% off.

When I went to San Francisco, I realized my capris somehow did not end up in my suitcase. Very annoying. But I definitely needed something to wear for our day long bike ride and wide leg jeans were not going to work. It also got very cold there so I needed something warm. We popped by the big Gap store at Union Square and as luck would have it there was a big sale going on for all the fitness attire. So I picked up the long pants at a great price.

Gap and Banana Republic have regularly had good sales the past couple of years, which encourages me to look in their direction when I need good basics. Sign up for their emails or follow them on Twitter to stay in the know. Gap now has a full line of workout wear for all kinds of sporting activities. Have you tried them? Which have you tried and what are your favorite?

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend. The weather is amazing here in SoCal. Today was hot. That doesn't happen that often right on the coast. But it was lovely. The best part is that the night skies this week have been marine layer/fog free and you can enjoy the beautiful coastline views and even see a few stars. Hope wherever you are you are healthy & well with people you love.

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knack said...

I have been on the search for this very thing! I will definitely check these out!

Have a great weekend!


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