13 January 2012

Pancakes, The Golden Gate & Dreams To Come

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It's the middle of the night right now, I am finishing up laundry and just made homemade blueberry syrup to put on some pancakes I am going to whip up. There isn't much that is very interesting in the house to eat since we've been gone. Chips...instant oatmeal...canned tuna...blergh. Once I get up the energy to mix that pancake mix with some water (I have no milk to make real pancakes), I'm going to cook a few up, cover them with blueberries and whipped cream and let them melt in my mouth. Ah, sweet deliciousness.

I am headed to San Francisco early tomorrow morning for a few days. I'll be sharing some Bay Area deliciousness with you, meeting up with a few friends, and hopefully enjoying a few fantastic bike rides and picnics in amazing spots around the city. Should be a lovely adventure. I was surprised to realize today that I have not been to San Francisco for about ten years, which is really weird because I used to go there all the time.

I have the movie Julie & Julia on while I'm buzzing around the house and I was caught by a line Julie's husband says to her, "Julia Child wasn't always Julia Child." I loved that. Julia Child didn't even go to cooking school until mid-life. I love realizing that there is plenty of time to make dreams come true. The best IS yet to come! And with that thought, dear friends I wish you a fantastic long weekend. I have pancakes to enjoy -- and remember we still have lots of dreams yet to come true!



I love the movie ... julie and julia. How fun to watch that while making pancakes.


Briana said...

Aaaw, love this sweet glimpse into your life!

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