27 January 2012

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

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I forgot I had one more thing I should share this week, a little health update. I spent almost an entire day earlier this week getting a 10-minute hearing test and spending five minutes with the doctor. The rest of the time I spent waiting, waiting, waiting. It all started when I ask how much longer it would be, 90 minutes after my appointment time for my hearing test. It was then that the audiology department realized that the front desk folks had not moved my file back to the audiology department after I checked in, so audiology had no idea I was there waiting and I got added to the end of the line. Ugh. 

They got an earful from the audiologist when I popped back to her office to ask how soon they could get me in. It was 90 minutes after my scheduled appointment after all. I was so glad I went and checked on things. So that got the day off to a bad start and then it was another 90 minutes before I got into audiology. Then it was another hour before I got into the exam rooms. The rest of the time I was dodging germs in the very full waiting room and reading Holly Becker's book Decorate.

My hearing test was identical to the one I took in June. While it's great that I can hear (because there was a time when I couldn't!) and am within the normal range for hearing in my injured ear, I have to say I was really hoping my hearing would improve, as the doctor said it could. I have to say I was a little sad when I was sitting waiting for beeps and buzzes and not hearing them...knowing the pause was longer than it should be since the last sound. I have no reason to be so ungrateful, but I have to admit, I was hoping for more recovery. The left ear is not as good as the right. I'm a little bummed about that. I want back what I had. Not to be. But I guess I can still send my body good vibrations for more healing, power of positive thinking and all...

The doctor could not find any sign of a perforation in my ear drum, so that is fantastic as it means my ear drum has totally healed. I talked with the doctor about how I'm a little freaked out to get a sinus infection or earache. He encourage me to be very careful about that and to be sure and come in without delay if it becomes a problem.

So I went home and guess what I woke up with the next morning? A sinus infection. Not happy. I'm still totally in full-functioning mode, so I'm trying to just make sure I get lots of sleep and stay as healthy and stress-free as possible -- and full of good healthy nutrients and liquids -- and I'm saline nasal spraying like crazy to keep it cleared out.

It's been a stressful week around here and although we're becoming pros as handling it all, I guess the immune system gets it's share, no matter how much I realize it. I'm off to take my vitamins, drink a big glass of water and spray again. Hope you are staying healthy. I am hoping this post is helping me to at least stay "less sick." You can read more about my health crisis that began in January 2011 here.

To end on a pretty and cheery note, isn't this tissue box darling? It's available on Etsy at the Fondue shop. You have to have tissues, why not have sassy, cute tissue box covers, right?!

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