11 January 2012

Kid Art From Found Objects

I have been a big fan of recognizing and developing each individual's creative talents for a long time. I think as a child I didn't see myself as artistic and in fact I was pretty creative. It wasn't until I was in my 20s that I realized that I could be artistic and that I had unique abilities to enjoy.

One of the arts I most appreciate is creating with found art. I love the challenge of making something from only things you can find lying around. I remember drawing a colorful mountain scene at summer camp one year using pigments from leaves, dirt, sticks and other found objects on the mountainside. I was mighty impressed with the teacher who gave us that opportunity.

This past weekend while at the beach I enjoyed watching The Bug create this series of cats using only grass and seaweed that had washed up on shore. No beach toys needed when you instead turn to what you find on the beach for hours of entertainment.

Remembering my camp experience and continually watching The Bug as she creates art from things in nature I'm challenged again to stop and see the beauty in Mother Nature's creations and to create some things using found twigs and leaves myself. There are so many ways to use and manipulate found objects and it is a good exercise for the brain to make something with unusual materials.

Here's one more kitty using seaweed. It has very big ears. I like the variation in use of materials and vision. The face unfortunately is not very clear in this photo. It was getting late in the day and the shadows did not work in our favor.

I also love how temporary this outdoor art can sometimes be. It is certain that these kitties are all gone today now that the tide has come in again. But there is something interesting about how temporary it all is. It's like a small gift that will only be appreciated by the few who happen by and choose to see it for the short time it exists.

The great things about art projects made from found objects is that you can do it anywhere. I am definitely going to challenge myself beyond the paint, wood and paper this year.

all photos by kalanicut

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Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

I love playing outside. . . well,I used to, when I was a kid - and even sometimes as an adult! This is the kind of stuff I would do. I'm glad you're fostering this kind of creativity in the "Bug". :)

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