12 January 2012

Ask For What You Want

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I have been thinking a lot this week about how vital it is in life to ask for what you want. People cannot read your mind, they don't know your dreams. Sometimes we think we have to wait until the right time, until we're completely prepared. Sometimes we just refuse to be humble and courageous enough to ask the gatekeeper of what we want if we can have it.

Sometimes we let potential disappointment keep us from pursuing things that really matter to us, when logically shouldn't we just keep pursuing what we think is right and good and know eventually the right situation will present itself? It was impressed upon me a good bit as a child not to bother people or ask for things. A good lesson in many ways, not to be a pestering child, but the absolute reverse can be true as an adult.

The phrase the squeaky wheel gets the grease didn't come about for nothing! Now of course I'm not saying be a total jerk and throw a fit until you get what you want. I'm saying ask politely and courageously and don't be a psycho if the answer is no or not right now.

I'm sending out a challenge, as I go through this exercise, to really listen to the dumb dialogues we have with ourselves and throw out all of them that are based on pure hogwash. Don't assume the outcome, don't assume failure, don't assume it's not possible purely because no one has ever done it or gotten it before! Don't put it off until that perfect day when you will be perfectly prepared and ready and all the stars in your life will be in perfect alignment -- that day is never going to come.

Take a risk, face a challenge and go for it. Nothing bad can come of that. Moving your life forward, regardless of outcomes, is what it's really all about. Let's all carry on now, shall we?! Let's come out from our hiding places and finally start asking -- in a gracious but bold manner -- for what it is we really want. And then of course be full of gratitude and thanks to anyone and everyone involved.

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knack said...

You are such a great writer....and I love this post! :)


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