19 January 2012

A Peek At San Francisco Fashions

Here are a few things I've noticed about fashions in San Francisco:

  • Riding boots are everywhere with legging, jeans, dresses and skirts
  • Layering is key for constantly changing temps, wind & lots of hilly walking
  • Black, gray and brown are popular base colors with pops of bold colors
  • Denim, leather and wool jackets are everywhere
  • Large totes are a must for trekking about the city all day
  • Humidity & wind are tricky for hair. Lots of hair in buns, ponytails, etc.
Wish I had had this list in my head when I packed. Lesson learned. I wore my hair down one day and it was blowing across my face all day and looked like a scary lion's mane by the mid-day. I realize now that  I have a few alterations to make to my wardrobe to make it more flexible for travel. Later this morning I'll share a new year's resolution I set yesterday that has everything to do with my fashion watching in San Francisco and trips to colder climates.

Thanks ladies of the Bay Area for your fashion inspiration. It was fun to watch you in your natural habitat and learn from you what works for the environment. You look great.

all images by kalanicut

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