10 January 2012

Mother Nature's Artwork

I am still on the road and had the chance to spend a few hours at our favorite beach this weekend. Due to a recent high tide and that the ocean was at low tide when we arrived much of the beach had recently been wet, but the water level was very low. That left a lot of interesting things to see and enjoy on the beach.

I had my camera with me and spent much of the afternoon photographing some of the amazing sights Mother Nature and some of her creations had left us. Tire tracks above, obviously made by a vehicle - the lifeguards. But still creations, right?

There was evidence of so many small creatures on the move along the shore: birds, snails, clams, sand dollars, bees and other bugs. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. I thought the one on the left above looked like an angel with fluttering wings raised high.

I thought these tree-like formations were amazing, like a winter scene along a cold dark road in the country. So stunning and all created with just sand and water. I am so glad I captured these. As beautiful as they were on the sand, I am so glad I captured them to keep digitally. I can imagine that these would be very beautiful on a canvas as art hanging on a wall.

It's a grand moment to be stopped by nature's beauty. I wish I did this more every day. What has stopped you in your tracks lately to enjoy a moment of beauty and communion with Mother Nature? I'd love to hear what you're seeing, wherever you may be.

This post is linked to Good Life Wednesdays at A Beach Cottage.

all images by kalanicut

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michele said...

love it! who can compete with nature?

come visit anytime.



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