28 December 2011

For A Happy You In The New Year

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If you are contemplative about the coming new year, here are a few gems from the archives that might help you joyfully and calmly exit 2011 and enter 2012. It's an amazing time of year but can be a bit overwhelming too. Here's to a little peaceful reading on a quiet winter's day.

Create A Vision Board for the New Year
Being Born Into The New Year -- Baby steps, baby steps.
A Beautiful Life Lesson for the New Year
A New Year's Gift to carry in your heart this coming year
What will you put in your Treasure Chest from 2011?
Get in touch with Your Own Personal Style as you enter the new year
Be the You That You See In Your Dreams this year. She's so close.
Are there 12 Things You'd Love To Do in January 2012?
Start a Prayer Wish Jar to send your prayers out into the world

Hope you'll get some bits of inspiration as you create your own personal entry into the new year. I'm thinking of you and your hopes and dreams as I think of mine and wishing for all a year of joy, happiness and peace.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Oh, thank you for this round up. I feel like you could write a whole book on this subject -- you always have great ideas. Looking forward to catching up with you soon. :-)

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