31 August 2011

Book Review: Decorate by Holly Becker & Joanna Copestick

Now that I have met Holly Becker, had her sign my book and most importantly had a couple of weeks to digest Decorate I wanted to write a little book review. Decorate is a 288 pages of home decor advice brought together by Holly Becker, founder of Decor8 and teacher of Blogging Your Way and lifestyle writer Joanna Copestick and amazing photographer Debi Trelaor.

I have thought a lot about Decorate, it is not one of those home interiors books you take home the night you buy it and in an hour or so thumb through it all. It's not a book you read distracted or while you are watching TV. It's more like a college textbook, a beautiful college textbook happily infused with amazing photos and lovely words.

If you give Decorate your attention you will learn to break down interiors and styles, room by room and element by element. Best of all you will learn to to better understand what you like and why. It's full of amazing homes around the world and interviews with loads of well known designers and artists including Jonathan Adler, Amy Butler, Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, Rita Konig, Thom Felicia, Rachel Ashwell and many more. Decorate is also a great place to see the most creative homes of your favorite designers and bloggers.

This is a book that obviously was not quickly thrown together, like so many books by recognizable names, just to get them to market. The photography, interviews, layouts and resource directories make it evident that sincere time and consideration were put towards the quality of product and usefulness to the reader.

Decorate is full of great advice you can use if you just want to spiff up a table top, bookcase, a room or do a total home redo. There's something for everyone and every taste. It will take you some time and attention to get the most out of it, but I consider that a nice, long pleasure. This isn't a one-cup of tea book, it's many cups of tea over a few weeks book that is meant to really be enjoyed over time.

If you enjoy design blogs, Decor8 and follow Holly Becker you'll definitely enjoy this creation. If you're interested in learning more about how to pull your home together and get to know what it is you really like, your own personal style, Decorate could be your bible. Well done Holly, Joanna and Debi!

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