03 August 2011

Another Late Night Project - Kindle Sleeves

I'm back into a little creative buzz this week, partly out of necessity. I got my replacement Kindle today and am wanting to really take care of this little Betty and keep her safe. So I started searching around the web this morning for a sleeve or case for it that I would like.

I knew Etsy would have some great ones, then when I started looking around I thought, what the heavens, you sew, you can make your own. So I printed out a Joann's 40% off coupon and headed to buy some fabric. My fabric was already on sale and I only needed 1/3 of a yard, so it was about $4.50 total.

I thought I might whip one up for my kindle-loving sister Christy. When I mentioned what I was up to on twitter I instantly got a "make me one too!" from a certain girl. She's a total gem and super fun Las Vegas photographer. I think that spurred me on even more to quickly whip these up -- the idea of putting something fun in the mail for her. I love putting little goodies in the mail for people I love and don't get the chance to do it nearly as often as I should.

So I looked at this great tutorial Kim Woodward of NewlyWoodwards was kind enough to send my way. The fabric I purchased was already two-sided quilted so I decided to do one side for Christy and the other side for me. The opposing sides seemed to fit our personalities too. Mine is the leafy green pattern and Christy's in the stripey polkadots. I used some small ribbon scraps that matched up nicely and with a few minutes of sewing I was done.

I used two layers of the quilted fabric, sewing it together to get a little more padding. If I was going to do it again, I would do things a little differently, but these will work just great. When I got done and was putting fabric and supplies away I looked in the closet and saw the great green padded vinyl I use for sunglasses cases and though it would make an awesome Kindle sleeve with a little hook and loop fastener attached to the edge. My Kindle may be sporting a range of fashions in the coming months.

Speaking of little sewing goodies, I have toiletries bags and glasses cases in stock if you're interested let me know. Have a fantastic Wednesday! Thanks for spending a few minutes here.

image by kalanicut


Kim@NewlyWoodwards said...

Very cute fabric! What a great idea to use quilted fabric. I made some totes out of quilted fabric last year for Christmas and they turned out so cute. But, you got a much better deal on the fabric than I - the quilted fabric I bought cost a small fortune!

(Thanks for the shout out!)

Jennifer W. said...

Ooohhh you should make some for the iPad 2!! :)

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