04 August 2011

Best of Boden Coats & Jackets Fall 2011

It's the beginning of August and while I insist that summer be celebrated with gusto for many more weeks to come, it's definitely a good time to start thinking about Fall 2011 wardrobe. Everything is in the stores and on the sites and the early bird gets the most fashionable worms, right?!

Boden is a favorite site and catalog to devour each season. I must confess that a few weeks ago when I mentioned Boden and my sister and her friend said, "What's Boden?" I reacted in a manner very similar to Thurston Howell III or Lovey Howell -- on of those obnoxious, presumptious "Wh-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-t?" sounds came out of my mouth. They were a bit offended but I really did think that because they are in general so much hipper and cooler than me that they must know everything before I ever have a hope of knowing about it. I was secretly glad to be up on them on this one. Haa-haa.

I'm always excited to see what beautiful Boden is doing with coats because there just aren't enough charming coats and jackets in the world for me. Me being someone who has to order all jackets in Tall sizes or will have bare wrists for several inches in a regular size.

Here's a quick rundown of my favorites starting from top left, working across & down:
  • Mayfair Jacket (Coral)
  • Barcelona Jacket (Grey Melange)
  • Parade Coat (Black)
  • Leather Biker (Black)
  • Velvet Trim Trench (Winter Rhubarb)
  • Notre Dame Jacket (Sulphur)
  • Rainyday Mac (Shocking Pink Disco Spot)
  • Military Jacket (Army Green)
  • Urban Field Jacket (Vermillion)
You can link to all these jackets on one page right here. Don't you just love the names and color descriptions. Velvet Trim Trench in Winter Rhubarb, Grey Melange...fun words to let roll off your tongue and gorgeous jackets and coats to keep yourself warm all fall, winter and spring.

It's time to get a headstart on the Fall fashion season and Boden is most definitely my favorite place to start. Hope you enjoyed this little Boden treat. Stop by and devour up the good before everyone else does.

Cheers! Have a fantastic Thursday!

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I love my Boden catalogue.


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