25 August 2011

Valuable Books For The Home

It's Thursday already. How can that be?  Good morning to you friend. Since we've lost all our Borders stores in the area one had been replaced with a temporary clearance book shop. It's not much to look at but it's fun to wander around now and again. I found three very discounted books that I thought would be great to add to my creative library.

Here they are:
1) Applique Your Way by Kayte Terrry
2) The Personal Organizing Workbook by Meryl Starr
3) Soft Furnishings by Paragon Publishing

Applique Your Way includes 25 patterns and projects using all kinds of charming appliques. There are so many fun, creative ideas to spice up your wardrobe and home style. Here are a couple of my favorite.

I am very excited about The Personal Organizing Workbook. It is full of great time-saver ideas and I can't wait to take advantage of them. As life gets busier and busier and there's more stuff to manage I am definitely going to try to maximize my efficiency and keep things as organized as possible. This book seemed to touch on every area of home and personal life. Can't wait to dive in and use the tools.

And lastly, this $2 gem, Soft Furnishings.  While it's a bit outdated as far as photography and styling go, it covers almost all the basic home soft furnishings.

There are instructions for several types of window coverings, table covers, napkins and pillows which are easy to update with more modern fabrics, trims, color combinations and style choices. A great deal for $2.

Bookstores can be a big money eater and I've become more selective about what I buy. At a great discount, these three books offered some helpful basic inspiration to make a lot of changes around the home and keep things updated and interesting for years to come.

This post is linked to Good Life Wednesdays at A Beach Cottage blog. You know how much I like A Beach Cottage and Sarah has some awesome new photography there this week.

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It is so sad that we have lost Borders. . . we are still rather in shock.


abeachcottage said...

Thanks for sharing at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

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