26 August 2011

A Light To The World - Loving Lanterns

I had an experience this week that taught me a great lesson. So I'm going to combine sharing that story with you along with these charming lanterns I found while making the rounds at Ross, looking for bedding last week.

The lesson I learned is that when we are good, kind, light and loving we impact everyone we cross paths with. I bumped into someone a few days ago. In that moment I had the distinct impression that there was a deep sadness about her. Because of a very brief interaction, just an every day common courtesy, I saw her face soften for a moment and her behavior totally change. I felt a light that I am still feeling, even though our interaction was less than three seconds long.

I experienced a compassion for this person that I had not felt before. I take no credit for that, I am not the creator of those powers. But I do try to be light and share light, be kind and show graciousness in my own little way. It awakened me to the fact that we really are a source of light to the world. What a power we hold to improve the world and help bring light to other people. I love that. LOVE. And I love that other people do the same for me, through their friendship and support, kind words and smiles.

I love sharing light and I love lanterns. There is something so magical about them in a room or on a summer patio. They are so beautiful and cozy. I had to hold back from grabbing all these. But I have to remind myself that I will rarely ever find a lantern that doesn't call out to me and I already own quite a few. So I hope someone grabbed these up and is enjoying the last weeks of summer on their patio with them.

Just like the light of the beautiful lanterns, we can be a charming light that calls to all to enjoy life and it's beauty. It's all so perfect and pretty isn't it? I hope you have a light-filled day. Life is wonderful, there is so much to be enjoyed, even when everything isn't going the way we wish it would. Make the most of it. The days are long but the years are short. Don't miss a moment.

images by kalanicut

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Nanny Kate said...

Thanks for that post Kalani, I really enjoyed reading it. I totally agree with your approach, even though the person you bumped into the other day was feeling down, I am sure they took some of your 'light' away with them, and because of your compassion, your 'light' will now shine even brighter.
Thanks for being a lantern in our world.

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