24 August 2011

Quick Peek Leather Chair

Thought you might enjoy a quick peek at my little pillow project in it's lovely new home. The chair isn't quite in position, a little close to the magazine rack, but you get the idea, right? Thank you for saying yes -- haa-haa-haa. Do so love your forgiving nature.

I so love that leather chair. It's the same one I walked in on The Bug having fun scratching her fingernails down the leather one day.  It was one of those moments where I couldn't even say anything, could only call for Daddy to come handle the situation, because I was speechless with horror. Needless to say you can still see those little fingernail marks up and down the back of the chair (even visible in this photo), but I'm long over it.

Also yesterday I had the "fun" of cleaning the carpets with The Man. We basically did half the carpet and then will do the other half today. It's amazing how pretty the cream carpet looks today. Makes the entire house feel cleaner in every way - the air, the floors, everything.

So do you clean your carpets regularly? Do you pay to have it done, or do it yourself? Do you own a carpet vac or rent one? Or does carpet cleaning become one of those things that falls by the wayside? I'd love to hear how you handle it. Since I have rented for a long time and moved frequently carpet cleaning hasn't been something I've had to deal with too often.

We have four hours to get the rest of the carpet cleaned on our 24-hour rental machine. So I better get back to work. I was hoping for a nap after the big morning we had, but I now realize that it will have to wait. Thanks for being here, thanks for all your support in every way. You are so appreciated!

image by kalanicut

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