12 August 2011

Fall 2011 Inspiration Via Garnet Hill

images via Garnet Hill

Yesterday was a good day. I started it by cleaning the fridge. That was a frustrating chore and I don't have to go into much detail to have you all shaking your heads in agreement. I could not get the bottom drawer out and of course it was under that drawer where all the disgusting stuff had fallen and that most needed to be cleaned. Then getting all the shelves and drawers I was able to take out back in was so frustrating. But it looks fantastic now and I couldn't be happier. And still I have one more shelf that I have to get back in.

My reward for that was a trip to the "SAAAAA-lon!" Such a happy trip! Highlights refreshed. A wonderful shampoo -- seriously is there anything better than having someone else wash and massage your head? Heaven!  Having someone else blow dry my hair is pure delight, especially in the summer when it's nearly impossible to get it dry in my bathroom because it gets so hot I start sweating and the back of my head gets all wet. Then even better when I got home and realized Project Runway was on and I got to sit and watch it right then too.

One of my treats I tucked into my purse was the Garnet Hill catalog. Originally I was going to do a post on a few of my favorite pieces but then this post became all about these two images and the stripes peeking out from underneath, the simple jewelry, loose hair, layers. These two images have captured my imagination for wardrobe Fall 2011, great jumping off points for inspiration for the hair, accessories and simple, layered basics.

These images make me want to go sew up a bunch of cute, simple skirts to wear with tights and boots:  corduroy, linen, denim, houndstooth, herringbone...oh I'm drooling. Someone hold me back from the fabric store tomorrow. I know I said I was still all about summer, but I will admit I'm starting to get sucked into the fall stuff. Happens to us all, doesn't it? Unfortunately for me there will be no tights wearing, unless I travel, for at least another four or five months. But if I start sewing now...haa-haa....

What are you drooling over for fall? Are you in the mood or are you still holding onto every bit of summer? Hope you have a fantastic weekend. Can't believe it's here again already. Where do the days go? Thanks for coming by.

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Kerri said...

I would love a new pair of boots for the fall. Finding the time to actually shop for them will probably be the hardest.

Thank you for commenting on my children in restaurants post. As moms, don't we always need to be prepared in order for things to hopefully run smooth in a restaurant.

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