19 August 2011

Staying Up With Pelmet Boxes

First off, if you read this blog yesterday you must think I'm a complete NUT as I talked about how it was Friday and the weekend was here. I really thought it was Friday from Wednesday night til about 5p yesterday. That was partially because a bunch of things that usually happen for me on Fridays happened yesterday so I was completely confused. Please ignore my confused state. I'm back knowing it is actually Friday and with a new post.

I stayed up late Wednesday night finishing up the pelmet boxes for my room and then today went out to get the most expensive part of the project, a bunch of 3M removable stickies to hang the boxes up on the wall. The was the biggest expense of the project. I'll run down pricing at the end. You can see a before shot of the bathroom here. Happily since this photo was taken the bathroom has been refurbished quite a bit.

For some reason the bathroom box would not stay stuck on the wall, but the bedroom one, which is about 3 times the size stayed up just fine. (Although I'm sitting here with my fingers crossed it doesn't come crashing down at any moment, but it seems to be sticking.) I rehung the bathroom box 3 times and finally just put a couple of nails in the top. I'm hoping the bedroom one will stay up as hung, but if not I have more nails and screws or whatever it takes. Stay up, pelmet boxes. Pretty please.

I have to say I'm really happy to walk into my room and see a little more color and something cheery over the blinds which I have hated for years. It definitely helps pull the whole room together and gives the place a more personalized look. Love that, as I'm growing tired of big city apartments and their ugly white walls and vertical blinds. I have often taken down the blinds in rental places, but I've just decided to leave a couple of the verticals up rather than deal with finding a place to store all these blinds. I'll share more finished photos with the bedroom box when I can get some good shots during the day. The above photo was taken at about midnight.

Here's the cost breakdown:

Foam Core - I used 2 pieces I have been using for my photo box for blog photography & bought 1 additional piece. Cost for all three was $15, but I also had to buy two new pieces to replace the ones I'd sacrificed. They were pretty hammered so it was good to get a new ones.

Fabric - Clearance round tablecloth at HomeGoods $12.

3M Strips - $16.

Iron-on Interfacing - Used a piece that I already had in my sewing supplies.

So I got both these for less than $45. I probably could've skipped the 3M strips and just used a few nails or screws that I already had. That would've cut costs significantly. Can you imagine what these would've cost if I'd had professional boxes made? Crazeee. Of course they'd have been wood and much higher quality, but for a temporary living situation and for a girl who changes her mind frequently these are perfect.

Alright, it's really Friday, it really is the weekend. I hope it's a great one for you. I am going to try to clean carpets today. I'll share more of that adventure later. Not sure what I'm getting into, but we'll see. Then I'm hoping to get a beach day in on Saturday. Fingers crossed on that.

This post is linked to The Frugal Girls Chic & Crafty Thursdays. Always fun to browse all the other linked projects.

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