10 August 2011

An Hour A Day Just For You

image from crate and barrel

Good morning Wednesday! Was hoping to share with you the new mantle design but didn't get a chance to get to the store yesterday for ribbon and finish up my bunting. Yesterday was a doozy, but we ended the day with a lovely walk in our favorite spot which was peaceful and calming and had a key lime ice cream sandwich which was pretty tasty.

I thought I'd share with you an idea EveryKelly shared with me last week. It's something I've tried to do in the past but had lost track of and need to start doing again STAT. She reminded me to take an hour to do something I love every morning. I've had morning rituals and things I've tried to do in the morning for myself but I haven't been doing that.

In the past I've worked out, read inspiring books and magazines, meditated and other things to get my day off to an amazing, centered start. I'm excited to think about things I could do with this hour of time and looking forward to making some me time at the beginning of the day. I have always found when I do something to keep myself healthy at the beginning of the day my entire day goes better, I never feel cheated by the demands of the day and I'm in a more positive frame of mind every day.

Do you take some "you time" in the morning? What do you do? How do you make sure it happens? 


Karen said...

I am not an early riser so I usually take "me" time in the evening, after the kiddies are in bed. I try to exercise (Jillian's 30 day shred is a quick 25 minutes), read or watch a movie. Even though I'm tired, I find that doing something for myself gives me a serenity and calm to face the next day, full of chaos, getting ready, hustling to school, etc. I've had to learn to take time for myself to keep my spirit energized. I think it helps to make me a better wife, mom and friend.

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

Yep, I've finally started doing that again. I am getting up about 1 hr earlier than I used to so that I can make some coffee and blog a little bit before I head to work. I find that it's easier to focus on writing early in the morning.


I love some morning quiet time on my porch to study, think and pray . . . with coffee, of course.


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