23 August 2011

Pelmets And Pillows

Good Morning Tuesday! Hope you are all well. Here's a little wrap up on the Pelmet Boxes and something I made from scraps. I finally got my bedroom pelmet box up with the help of 3 nails. It seems to be working out, which I am happy and relieved about. I was starting to wonder if all my work had been done in vain and that this was not going to happen. So I am happy and relieved. Sorry about this photo, it was shot at night and the professional magazine photography crew that all we bloggers have, haa-haa, was already booked. Joke, joke.

When I was folding up the scraps of fabric I realized that there was a rectangle piece that would make a perfect little accent pillow for my room. All I had to do was trim off the rounded edge from the original round table cloth and then sew the edges, adding a little flange on three edges.

When I first started thinking about the pillow I thought I should go to the fabric store and buy a pillow insert. Then I checked my craft closet and found that I had several pillows that I am not currently using. One of those was an extra that came with the couch which is just never going to get used because it doesn't go with anything. I cut it open and reused half the filling to stuff my little pillow. So I got a great little pillow for about 20 minutes work and no additional cost. I love that. Now this is a DIY success: no cost, quick and easy and it worked out just as I'd hoped.

I have a beautiful vintage leather desk chair I got for free at a swap meet many years ago now. I have reupholstered it twice and quite love it. It's near my bed and I thought this pillow would look sharp sitting in  the seat. It's a nice way to incorporate the fabric into the room in another way and tie everything together.

images by kalanicut


Fashion Meets Food said...

How cute did this turn out! I bought fabric like that and was going to attempt to make pillows with it. I absolutely love your blog and am your newest follower.


Tiffany said...

Great post. The pillows are great. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up.

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