05 August 2011

A Headstart On Christmas Preparations

This post and the projects to come were definitely inspired by a blogger I respect, admire and appreciate, stephmodo, aka Stephanie Brubaker. I have found her to be so generous of spirit, humble, thoughtful and bright in her attitude toward life. These are qualities that I admire perhaps more than any others. I love that every summer she reminds me to start thinking ahead for the holiday season so I can most enjoy it without a lot of stress. Here's a link to her most recent holiday reminder and you can't go wrong taking a nice long visit to her site.

I do love to get a head start on the holidays and have seen that every time I'm done with my preparations by the end of November I always have a highly enjoyable, relaxing December. Last year I got burned on this when I started buying gifts in September and then in late November my family decided not to do gifts. I will admit I was a tiny bit unhappy.

I started thinking about preparations I could begin now and remembered that I have two felt Christmas trees and a few small framed art pieces that I started last year and didn't get done with in time. I thought that would be a great place to start. Next I will probably start on holiday cards. Those can certainly be done any time. I mean making them, not writing them all out or mailing them...haa-haa.

Yesterday I met up with the ever-fabulous EverKelly, aka Kelly Lee-Creel, who brought me a lovely little gift. It was a bag of lovely Scandinavian inspired holiday ornaments. When I got home and pulled them out I realized that these would be perfect to use on some of my holiday projects -- and inspiration was born.

I'm looking forward to jumping into a few little creative projects. I definitely need a creative outlet these days and these small projects are relaxing and fun for me. How do you plan for your holidays? Have you started your holiday preparations? What kinds of projects are you working on? Or is it just too much summer for you to think about it?

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Kelly said...

Awww! I'm so glad you like them. It's funny you should mention unfinished Christmas projects. I have an advent calendar I've been working on for - what, 5 years now?! Maybe we need to have Christmas crafting meet-ups! :-)

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