15 August 2011

Lots Of Little Steps Make A Marathon

So many big things going on here. The only way to thrive through is keep stepping forward. I've been trying to mix up a variety of activities to keep things interesting and keep stress levels as low as possible: document writing, cleaning projects, must do's, creative projects, reading, outdoor time, walks, and a good nap now and then. It's amazing the journeys we must take in our lives and the way through is always paved with little steps - one foot in front of the other.

It's interesting to be in the last miles of the marathon and begin to feel a sense of peace that the race will end and all that I need to do at this point is keep putting one foot in front of the other and be there for my fellow "race team" members. I am feeling proud of my performance to this point, I'm still standing, still in the race. It's meaningful to me to realize that I am graced by past "coaches and training" -- every person who has ever crossed my path and taught me something that has made me a better person, a better racer.

I am focusing every day on being filled with love for the race itself and every participant. I remind myself many times a day that "every cell of my being is filled with light" and I try to share that light in every way possible. And no matter how things turn out, I will still have my faith, my integrity, character, love and my peace. What a massive comfort.

I have so many friends going through transitions right now, some moving to far away, some becoming first time parents, some sending children off into the big world, others dealing with illness and others getting older and seeing things that used to be simple become more difficult. What a comfort it is to be together in this journey of life. How much comfort and love we can give to one another. One of the best of life's gifts!

image by kalanicut

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