16 August 2011

Sweet Sheer Curtains Perfect For Little Girls

image via IKEA

Picked up these darling sheers at IKEA for The Bug's room. It's been a big dilemma, the window treatment, because there is so much color going on in there and and we have that darling headboard and orange bookcase that should be focal points, stars of the show.

So whatever we chose for the window needed to have a little detail but a simple color. I resisted white, due to the off-white walls, but with such a big window is does look charming up against the light. Now we need to get a blind for the window. I may or may not have ruined the double-cellular blind that was hanging in that window. It was old and so dirty. Then I read how to wash it on the internet, "sure it can go in the shower". Well, apparently not this one. It fell apart. I thought I could fix it, but no, that wasn't happening either.

When I went to see what a new one would cost, I was told $400, well guess what else isn't happening. The new blind will be much simpler and cheaper but hopefully still terribly stylish. Fingers crossed. In the mean time, I'm enjoying all the luscious light that comes in illuminating all the pretty flowers in the window each day.

I'm on the prowl for new sheets this week. There's a part of me that wants to dye my existing sheets, but for the labor and the thought of waking up with my skin stained blue, I think I'm going to avoid that project. I'm not interested in spending a mint on sheets after being sorely disappointed the one time I tried that. I have my fingers crossed for a great find at Ross or Marshalls. Oh pretty please.

You will either laugh at me or say something along the lines of "I totally know how that goes!" when I confess that I still do not have a new comforter cover. Been looking for months for either fabric to make one or something to buy. Everything I see is either out of my price range or not exactly what I want. What I really want is the exact comforter cover I have in a sturdier fabric - percale not sateen. I love the pattern but hate the texture. Fingers crossed the bed situation comes together before too long...or I just bite the bullet and pay for something I'll really love.

Have a fantastic Tuesday. Sending you warm wishes for all your dreams and fancies today.

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Kelly said...

What sweet curtains! Wishing you much success with the last little touches on the room. (And YES, I hear you on the duvet cover. We're playing that same waiting game right now. All in good time, right? Otherwise, what would we have to look forward to?)

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