01 September 2011

Culinary Activities at Willams-Sonoma

image via Williams-Sonoma

I made a late stop at Williams-Sonoma Santa Monica last weekend to pick up a couple of things and happened to pick up their September calendar for Culinary Activities. They have so many amazing things going on at the store EVERY day. Then they have special Technique Classes that focus on specific elements of cooking. This month they are doing Pasta, Pizza and Olive Oil classes. Class sizes are limited and offered complimentary. Here's a link to find out all about Williams-Sonoma Store Events.

What a great opportunity to stop in and learn how to use all your fancy cookware and learn from the pros. It's amazing to think of all the local opportunities for fun classes and education there are if you just check in and find out about them. I'll try to keep sharing more with you. If you don't have the specific business I'm referring to in your part of the world, it's very likely you have a comparative business doing just the same thing wherever you are.

Are you taking any fun classes? I'd love to hear all about them. Leave a comment here. Happy Thursday!


Kelly said...

This sounds fun! When are we going?! The only classes I've been taking lately are sewing related, but I'm amazed at how I meet cool people every time I go. Would love some cooking inspiration.

Punctuation Mark said...

i love everything they do... i was there yesterday and had to leave before i would buy the whole store

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