08 March 2013

Military (Navy) Inspired Wrap Bracelet DIY

The weather is getting warmer and I'm not wearing long sleeves and layers as much anymore. It's got me thinking about layered bracelets and wrap bracelets for summer 2013. I'm wondering if stacked will be in again this year. I have a feeling it will with a few updates.

As part of my 30-day Reorganization Project I'm cleaning up my jewelry drawers and realized I have a few favorite pieces that have been needing repair for a while now. I needed some jewelry glue to seal up a few jump rings, so I headed to our neighborhood bead store.

I couldn't help looking around a bit and was wanting to make a little something and was wanting a little treasure to remind me of The Man. So I decided to do a little military inspired wrap bracelet. I liked the idea of an anchor and a heart. I toyed with doing a third charm but didn't find anything that seemed to flow with these two pieces: the right size, coloration, style, dimensions. Plus I thought these two charms said it all. I debated about the leather color. I loved the look of red, thought about pink and then settled on camo green because it was a nice, fairly neutral color and really nothing says military like camo green. The leather strand and two charms cost less than six dollars and I had the clasp and jump rings already in my supplies.

I knotted the leather multiple times in square knots around the jump rings to connect it all together and other than measuring carefully and making sure the jump rings were tightly closed this was a super simple project. I measured the length to wrap around my wrist three times.

You can see some of my other DIY bracelets and some of my stacking ideas here:

Are you up for another summer of stacking bracelets? I clearly am. Creative juices are flowing. The same night I whipped up this bracelet I also cranked out three very simple art projects that I totally love. I'll show you those next week. Be well friends. So happy you came by!

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