06 March 2013

Organization Project: Wrangling Stuffed Animals

Our Friends Riley & Mariah

I was looking around the internet at all the smart and creative uses for shoe organizers. I was trying to find ways to use more vertical storage and free up more space around the apartment. I already had two shoe organizers on the bathroom doors in both bedrooms and got ideas for two more.

At the same time I was struggling with the fact that we've picked up a few dozen stuffed animals over the past few years and trying to find places for them was getting exhausting. Clearing half of them off the bed every night before bedtime was too much and I couldn't take them all over the floor and furniture either. So I bought a nice linen-look shoe organizer and hanging it on nails, did this.

In a perfect world The Bug's bedroom would have a lot more space and we could find some pretty shelves or a cabinet to put them all in. Or better yet, we would have a playroom. But for our place, our space and our needs this is a great solution for now. All the stuffed animals have a home, they are off the floor, off the bed and out of the way.

The best part is that now The Bug interacts with them all more because they are not all piled on top of each other, or accidentally kicked under the bed or other furniture. It's cute to see her come home at the end of the day, walk into her room and say, "Well hello everyone," to her much loved friends. She enjoys them all more now that she can see them face-to-face. They are all reachable for her and she can put them away herself. It's a short-term solution I am pretty happy with and when we're ready for a change the shoe organizer will have plenty more practical uses around the house. The best $12 I have spent in a while.

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