14 March 2013

A Marathon Week

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If an image does indeed speak a thousand words, this picture has been the story of my life this week - only better dressed, haha. With nothing much on my calendar I thought this was going to be the good catch up week from a busy week last week. Not the case. I was trying to finish up this post last night and kept falling asleep at the computer. So it's a little late this morning.

The best thing I've done all week? I got to babysit a newborn and her sister who is not quite two years old. I had a blast. I wondered if I was up for it because it's been a long time since our little one was that age. But I was amazed how much fun I had and how relatively easy a newborn can be (for three hours that is.) They really just need to be fed, burped, bounced at appropriate speeds and intervals, changed and put down to sleep in ideal circumstances. Toddlers need lots of loves and tickles, food cut in appropriate bite size pieces, diaper changes and to be kept from losing their balance and falling over on top of their baby siblings.

It's amazing how light these kiddos were to pick up when I have an almost seven-year-old who knows her days of being carried are very, very limited at this point. She is determined to milk everything she can out of her last days of being able to be picked up. She's too heavy to pick up now, so she's learned to take one giant jump up when you start to lift her.

I've been wondering how I feel about the idea of little kids around our house for a while now. I wondered if my babysitting adventure would put an end to that idea. But it didn't. If anything it reminded me how fun little ones are at that age and how much easier they are than school age kids in some ways. Of course later that night when I could talk to The Bug and get very clear and informative communication back from her, I remembered how nice it is to have a child who talks and can explain things without getting frustrated. 

Beyond this fun I decided to make big chocolate covered pretzels for The Bug's class birthday treat. I wanted to bring something that didn't need to be served but could just be handed out at the end of the day. I had to buy four bags of Bavarian pretzels with the hope that I will be able to find fifty that aren't broken. Fingers crossed, I'm a little nervous. And I don't know what I am going to do with all the broken pieces...unless I cover those in chocolate too which means then we'll eat them. Not good.

My idea is to cover them in white chocolate and then drizzle pink chocolate across the tops. Then I'll put two in each candy bag and make a cute label like these we used for Valentine's Day. Then I'll put them all in a bag she can take to school and then The Bug can just pass them out at the end of the day and kids can take them with them. I think I have everything I need. I hope I have everything I need. I need this to go quick and easy. It sounded easier than baking anything.

Tonight The Bug and I will go out for her birthday. We're going to one of her favorite places to wander and we'll chose a nice restaurant for dinner there. Should be fun, but it will be another late night - and by late I mean we'll probably be out past the usual 8 p.m. bedtime, maybe 8:30 even! Haha. Hopefully I can catch some rest this afternoon. I've missed a couple of days of 30-day Home Reorganization Project, so I'll definitely be catching up on that this weekend. Hope this finds you well. Sending best wishes.

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