12 October 2011

Quick Peek: Woven Bracelets

This photo makes my wrist look a little gigantically scary, but wanted to get a close up of the bracelets I made this past weekend and they are permanently tied on. I was inspired by this Hemp Bracelet post at Talking Chow Playing House. So I made the rounds to a couple of different shops looking for the right materials.

I bought a package of friendship bracelet threads, dark brown leather and natural hemp cord. I searched through my bead collection for bead that would fit on the cord. I followed Kara's directions for the leather & hemp bracelets and for the friendship thread bracelet I just braided it. It was the last one and I was a little tired. It was probably 2 am.

I'm ready to try a few more and learn some new weaving techniques. The hemp bracelet & friendship bracelet are stretching out after getting wet a few times but the leather bracelet is definitely keeping its shape. Fun to experiment and learn how the different materials will react and wear. These bracelets are pretty fun to make. Try it. If you do, I'd love to hear about them and see them.

image by kalanicut

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Kristen said...

Ok. So I just hopped over here and started reading and couldn't stop. Congratulations on your wedding plans. Also - Love the random "goodness." I really try to find the positive things in all that we do. And finally - I love hemp bracelets too. I should take a picture of my bead collection and send it to you. :)

Kristen @ www.alittlesomethingforme.com

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