18 March 2013

30-day Home Reorganization Project: Week Four

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It's week four already. Can't believe it. Technically I should be done! I've done so much and guess what, my list is still nowhere near finished. With all the birthday celebrating & other busy-ness last week I think I only accomplished a couple of projects the entire week. And the house managed to get more messy while we were dashing in and out to events and obligations all week.

One thing I have learned about my helter-skelter way of choosing my projects is that it is not so good. I've basically taken the place apart bit by bit in every room. But now every room is a bit of a disaster and I have a big stack of stuff in my dining room that needs a new home. I think I need to take on a new approach this week and go wall by wall, room by room and get some areas in tip top shape. I already started a bit with this approach over the weekend.

I will feel a lot better about this project if I can actually see and enjoy some progress. I cannot see the insides of drawers and cupboards when I am lying in bed or sitting on the couch. (I'm laughing pretending I have a lot of free time and sit in either of these places for very long, looking around the house - what a laugh). What I am seeing is all the other stuff. Ah, I was just looking over my list right now and saw that I have neglected to cross off several things in my bedroom. My bedroom was feeling ridiculously crowded with too much furniture. WAY too much. Then I saw this home tour posted on DesignMom and I immediately went in and removed three pieces of furniture from my room.

I also moved a bookcase from the back corner of my room to the side wall. I realized as I was arranging the bookshelf again that I could hide my air purifier now on one of the lower shelves since the bookcase is in such an open area of the room instead of tucked next to my bed. This means the purifier has enough space to process and circulate air properly. Perfection! As much as I love the purified air, that is one big ugly piece of equipment. It's hardly noticeable now, tucked in next to other more eye-grabbing, colorful, cool design elements.It almost looks stylish tucked in with such lovely neighbors.

I learned another big lesson in the bedroom. I have been way too lazy at times piling clothes on my sewing table and chair. It was in the perfect spot for gathering clothes, closer to my bed than my closet is. I had already planned to put it away for a while since I have not been sewing and it was taking up a lot of space. Now that there is no flat surface nearby to plop my clothes on top of every night guess what I do with them. I hang them up. And wow, it only takes a couple of seconds! Excellent. That alone makes a huge difference in how I feel in and about my room. No flat surfaces nearer to the bed than the closet!

My room is actually looking a little sparse at the moment because I have a big corner and wall with no decor. It's the first thing you see when you walk into the room and all that white, empty space has killed the look of the room. I'm working on a fix for that area. But I do like how much more spacious and restful my room looks already. I have a few boxes to go through and then once I redecorate I think it's going to look quite amazing and peaceful in here.

So those are my big reorganization lessons for this past week. Hopefully I'll have some major progress to tell you about next week.Fingers crossed.

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Wow, you have been working so hard.


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